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Student Organizer

Scheduler, homework organizer and note taking software.

Dynamic homework organizer, scheduler, and note taking software for EVERY student!

If you’re in college, Student Organizer is the product for you! It’s a must-have product that helps college students stay organized. And if you’re in high-school students and plan to go to college, Student Organizer will help you get the grades you need.

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Note Recorder

Note taking and audio / voice recorder software.

Record and write notes quickly and easily!

Note Recorder is a powerful software solution that enables you take both written and audio notes. The software is very easy to use and is perfect for class lectures, business meetings and interviews at home, school and office. Note Recorder also has a powerful search function that helps you to find exactly the word or phrase you’re looking for in your notes.

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Finance Manager

Personal money management and budget software.

Easily manage your budget and your money.

Finance Manager is a user-friendly and intuitive full-featured personal money management system that allows you to tend to your finances with a more hands-on approach, by tracking your income and expenses yourself. Keep track of all your bank and credit card accounts, income, recurring bills and expenses right in the application.

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Formula Calculator

Programmable equation solving calculator.

The formula calculator is an equation solving calculator that allows you to enter formulas with variables. When the formula is ran it will prompt you for values for each of the variables and then solve the equation. Both lower and upper case letters as well as Greek symbols can be used as variables. The calculator can handle an unlimited number of nested parentheses and it will also recognize implied multiplication.

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All products come with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

All software comes with a free 30-day trial

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