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Adjusting To College Life

Adjusting to college life can be one of the most confusing, fun and terrifying experiences a person ever goes through. Beyond just the sheer fact college is the first time most people are ever out on their own, taking care of themselves, college is also a time when teenagers are balancing more aspects of life than they ever have before. It's a time to be studying hard, often working a part-time job to cover expenses and reveling in the student activities and social life fun that makes college so rewarding.

So how do you jump in and get the most of your college life? The first step is to get your priorities in order. If staying in college is your main goal - and it is for most - school has to be the first and most important thing you're focusing on. This shouldn't be too difficult a transition from high school, where school was the center of every teen's world.

Find study groups, make time for your professor's office hour and find a corner of the library you like right off the bat. That way, when you inevitably find yourself behind or struggling to catch up at some point down the road, you'll have a course of action in place to keep school a priority.

Adjusting to life away from home is much easier when you have a support system in your new environment. If you have a roommate, you have a built-in partner in crime who you (hopefully) have a lot in common with and who you can experience the early college ropes with.

Beyond just the person you're living with, there are plenty of ways to make new friends with common interests. There are a number of student groups for everything from languages to sports. Don't be afraid to get involved! College will be a much more enjoyable experience if you have an outlet for your creative energy and people to hang out with who share your interests.

Partying is a pivotal part of college. But many teens who arrive on a college campus don't have much experience with drinking or drugs. It's important to set boundaries for yourself early on, and stick to it. If you're not comfortable drinking, don't. You will have a much better time if you're not engaging in activities that make you uncomfortable and, by proxy, your friends will have a better time too. Don't give it to peer pressure and compromise yourself.

Other social activities can include freshman mixers or intermural, where new students often come together, throw around a dodgeball or Frisbee and get to know each other. It's an easy way to introduce yourself to people on campus and to make the adjustment to the college life a simple and smooth one.