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How To Create Your College Schedule

When it comes time to create your college schedule, it is important to make a schedule that works for your individual needs, as opposed to worrying about the needs of others. Setting up your schedule can either pave the road to success or failure, the choice is yours. Let's take a look at some helpful tips so you can avoid all the usual scheduling pitfalls.

Look At The Course Catalog First

Look over the course catalog before selecting classes. Too often, students are more worried about not having to wake up early and choose a schedule of much more difficult courses. Putting in the time beforehand to analyze the courses you're choosing can help you avoid this rookie mistake.

Talk To Your Adviser

Chances are good that even the most studious college student will not be able to decipher the course catalog on their own. That's what your academic adviser is there for. Don't be afraid to ask them all of your questions. Make a list before your meeting, so that you cover all the necessary topics.

Don't Cram In Too Many Classes

This is especially true for new students. While you may feel ready to take on a heavy course load, stick to 12 credit hours for your first semester or two, so that you can take your time to get acclimated to a new lifestyle. The more classes you take, the less time you have for extracurricular activities.

Sign Up For An Equal Mix Of Easy and Difficult

Making your entire schedule easy or hard is another common mistake made by incoming college students. Mixing up your schedule will keep you from becoming either overwhelmed or under stimulated.

Have Backup Choices

Your preferred classes may not be available to you by the time you are ready to sign up. Underclassmen are not always able to obtain the courses that they want, as upperclassmen are given first choice. Having backup choices at the ready keeps you from signing up for the wrong classes.

Take Care Of Your Core Requirements

Don't wait until your later semesters to start working on your core courses. Mixing in a quality amount of these classes during your earlier semester reduces stress and keeps you from being buried under a mountain of homework.

Tailor Your Schedule To Your Needs

If you know that you are someone who does their best work after a full night's sleep, then do not give yourself too many AM classes. While certain AM classes are unavoidable, you can avoid them as needed.

Meanwhile, those who have a day job or work nights may prefer to schedule their classes for the afternoons and evenings. This allows to complete all of their coursework in a timely fashion and frees them up to pursue other goals.