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Living With A College Roommate

Living with a college roommate is one of the most interesting challenges you will face during your secondary education. While we've all seen the movies where the two roommates from disparate background end up becoming fast friends and lifelong pals, typically, this is not what ends up taking place.

You may end up living with someone who has a completely different point of view than you, a person who does not have the same values as you. The most important aspect to successfully living with another person is having the ability to see things from their point of view. It is easy to blame someone else when things go wrong. Truly mature people attempt to understand another person, as opposed to seeking revenge.

Another harsh reality that you must face when living with another person is that you also have annoying quirks and habits, as well. We tend to get swept up into believing that the other person is so irritating, while completely forgetting our own tendencies.

Taking the time to speak to your roommate during the initial feeling out period and gauging what will upset them pays major dividends over the long run. There is no law stating that roommates need to become the best of friends. But when you both understand one another's likes and dislikes, even two people who would not be friends under normal circumstances can develop a solid relationship.

A person should adjust their expectations accordingly when living with a college roommate. There is no guarantee that the person will become one of your best buddies. But there is no reason that the person has to turn into one of your most mortal enemies either.

Keeping an open line of communication can keep these sorts of misunderstandings from spiraling out of control. It can be tempting to blame the other person and talk badly about them to your friends behind their back. This mentality will not help either of you.

When issues arise, it's crucial that you discuss them openly with your roommate. There is a good chance that they may not even be aware of their poor behavior or annoying habits. By calmly discussing it with them and avoiding backbiting, you and your roommate can work together to become more mature, well rounded people.

In the real world, you will be forced to spend time around people that you may not like. Living with a college roommate is our initial introduction into problems of this nature.

You won't be able to choose who you work with once you enter the corporate world, so cooperating with your roommate provides you with valuable interpersonal experience. By learning how to handle disputes like an adult early on, you not only increase your chances of developing a harmonious living situation, but you also prepare yourself for life in the real world.