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Tips On Taking Amazing Notes In College

College is expensive and it is hard to learn the subjects in there because well, it is college and that's where the intellectual elite comes from. In order to improve your chance for success there are several strategies and one of them is to take amazing notes you can actually rely on when you go to study later. To make the most out of your notes, there are several strategies you can use so studying gets a little easier than what it would be without notes So without further ado, here are some tips on how to take great notes:

Pay Attention

I know, I get it, paying attention is hard. The subject is so boring and the teacher doesn't really make it any more interesting, in fact, the teacher manages to make the whole thing worst. It's certainly not a problem for him, since he gets paid at the end of month anyway, but it is a problem for you since you need to pass the exam to actually finish your degree. So next time you're in class just try as hard as you can, and pay attention!

Find Your Own System

Some people find it easy to just write everything down and then filter the information after class, other people like to write key points and study from there and other people just pay attention and then write notes after class. The list could go on, but it is important that you figure out what works for you and how you can develop a perfect system so you can study well after classes. Remember, you need to know everything for the exam.

Get Ready For Class

Don't just go to class and start learning it from the start right there, you should always read whatever you are going to be talking about in class before, and then go to class prepared with a good idea of what you'll be talking about. Not only will it be so much easier to take notes, the class will actually be a lot more interesting.

Sit In The Front

Sitting in the back is comfortable, I get it, but there are so many distractions away from the teacher that it is just too hard for anyone to focus from there. A small moment of distraction can make you lose a very important part of what you should be learning, ultimately damaging your performance.

Don't Sit Near Your Friends

It's awesome to be with your friends and in college, it is simply amazing. But there's time for everything and in class, you should be studying and taking notes, not talking about how much you would like to get out of class and drawing funny stuff on your notebook. Just sit away from them, and when the class is over you can hang out together.

Participate In Class

Even if you have absolutely nothing to add and have no doubts, just stay focused and work on getting questions you can ask the teacher, and answer questions the teacher asks. Not only will this help you focus and understand things a little better, you'll also get better grades because you are actively participating in class. Plus, if you fall behind on the lecture you can always ask questions to slow things down and catch up.

Don't Miss One Single Class

To have the best possible notes you can't miss anything at all, and this means attending to every class there is. In college, students have the freedom to choose whether or not they go to class and of course, this means most students will end up missing a class or two… or most of them, actually. It might be hard to get motivation to go to classes, but if you can't really find it, just force yourself to go to class in order to get your grades up, eventually it'll become routine and you won't mind going to class at all.

Compare Your Notes

There are other students out there who want to learn and take a lot of notes. You should grab their notes and use them to compare with your own, since there are probably a lot of things you missed in your lecture, and your classmates just might have these things written down on their notebook. Furthermore, while comparing notes you just might end up talking about the lecture with your classmates. Not only will you make new friends, you will also learn a lot more while talking about it and getting better notes to study later on.

Use Visual Techniques

Don't just write down information and make it boring for yourself later on. Use diagrams, drawings, pictures, whatever you need to do to illustrate things a little better, and to make things a little easier on yourself. Remember that these are your notes and you are the one that will have to read them later on! Just remember to make visual techniques that will actually help you, not distract you, it is very important you don't get distracted while studying so you can make the most out of every class.

Have A Positive Attitude

No matter what your degree is, there will always be classes you don't like, teachers you don't like and so on. But you need to make the most out of your time in college, and if there is something wrong with the class, teacher or whatever , you need to look past that and focus on learning.